3.2 - Playing Card Magic Routines and Cons

3.2 - Playing Card Magic Routines and Cons

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In 3.2 Alexander Beresford introduces you to 3 routines and potential bar bet type cons with marked cards, and 2 routines with playing cards.

So what's in this 28 minute video?

HIGH CARD: Learn how to win properly using marked cards in a best out of three High Card game, not unlike the betting game played in the Old West!

10 POKER: This can be used as a mentalism/psychic entertainment routine or as a betting game, your choice, both are taught. Only 10 cards are used to "avoid cheating", your friend mixes the cards and can deal them out, you always know who wins the hand, simple as that. Taught in detail!

RAIN CARDS: Here you demonstrate your unique ability to quickly identify which card is missing from a pack of cards. Not to be performed as a magic trick, but as a true test of your impressive observation skills. More effective that way. Fun stuff.

AS ABOVE SO BELOW: Using a regular pack of playing cards you demonstrate in this super easy to do effect the strange connection between all playing cards. This is one of those weird things you can do to show how playing cards are truly mysterious items. Again, VERY easy to do at any age!

THE STRANGE 20: An automatic self-working playing card mystery using just 20 cards, 10 red, 10 black. Weird. Again, this demonstrates how mysterious playing cards are, something cool you can show people that will certainly keep them wondering. Mind boggling stuff!

All routines here are very easy to do if not completely self working, what will matter in all of this is your ability to present them properly, and that is discussed in the video.

You will receive a video link in a PDF file after purchase that will lead you to the secret info.

Video is 28 minutes long.